Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lim Bo Seng (Lin Mou Sheng)

Lim Bo Seng (林谋盛)
Born: 27 April 1909
Birthplace: Nan Ann, Hokkien of China
Died in: 29 June 1944
Best Known As: Patriotic WWII hero

Age: 35

Lim Bo Seng (林谋盛) is a national hero in Singapore for his resistance to Japanese forces during World War II. A native Chinese who moved to Singapore as a child, Lim led efforts to raise funds to help China fight Japanese invasion in the late 1930s. When the Japanese captured Singapore, Lim escaped to India and joined Force 136, a group of resistance fighters organized by the British. He was captured after infiltrating Japanese territory in 1944; despite punishment and torture, he refused to reveal the names of other resistance fighters. He died in captivity, becoming a martyr to the cause of Singapore.


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Lim Bo Seng indeed is a brave young man!

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